Blogging for Travel Companies

Blogging is a very powerful tool to get new customers, where you want you website to a be a quick (visual) overview of what you offer and why customers should book with your tourism organization. Blogs are meant for more detailed highly targeted topics that educates or solves questions of your audience.

Where to start ? 

Research what kind of information your target audience is look for.

Look up the questions customers have - in search console and google suggest.

Do they want in-depth knowledge of a tourist destination, visa info about how to get into the country, are they searching for things to do ?

And how do they search there info ? For example : best temples to visit in Yangon.

Other example could be detailed example Itineraries, in depth article about cultural and natural highlights of your destination.

Setting up your blogs:



Why your company - link experiences you describe to products you offer and the USP's you set in your strategy.

Use experiences of your customers to make the blogs authentic.


Travel Blog Titles

When working on your titles you want to think about your most important keyword and a triggering sentence that makes your audience curious to read your blog because they expect to learn something, get inspiration to go on holiday or get questions that have answered.

Distribute your blogs by putting them in a AMP format.

Use AI tools like Jasper.

A great example of a blog is :

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