Google Ads & Pay Per Click Campaigns

Online advertising should result in more bookings and enquiries for a price that makes that extra business profitable for your travel company and that's exactly what we do at VTP Digital Marketing.

Value Through Passion helps Travel Organizations with designing and managing their Google Ads & Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

We help tour operators, hotels and destination marketing organisations setting up Google, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram campaigns that follow the booking process of their customers, including measuring the right KPI's to track goals and reporting templates that help to improve the online advertising campaigns constantly.

Before we start with advertising we will create a small 1 or 2 A4 strategic document to make sure everyone is on the same page and based on that we will calculate how much your company can actually afford to pay per click and for a sale or lead.

Then we define a maximum cost per click or conversion for the campaign and start designing.

In our first phase we will bid modestly to make sure you won't lose money.

This is something that sets us apart from most agencies, we don't believe in burning money to discover new audiences, we understand every penny is important and will spend your money with the same care as you would do yourself.

Even with branding campaigns that are sometimes harder to define a return on investment we make sure we agree on goals that make sense and quantify success in advance.

The more you do yourself, the more return you will get from our advice.

A great way of learning advertising in Google yourself is through their skill shop portal

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