How to find a freelance travel content creator

It's almost impossible to do everything yourself. Even though AI speed up the process of content creation. When you are on the limits of what you can do it can be helpful to outsource your content creation to a freelancer.

Before you start with outsourcing make a clear briefing that explains what kind of travel content are looking for, what your target audience is, what the goal is of the content, maybe a summery of your digital marketing strategy, a short briefing about your destination and how you will measure the success of the content.

Be clear about how much money you want to spend on the content.

If you know what you want you can find a freelancer that suits your needs on several freelancer portals.

There are many portals but you will probably find a freelancer that matches your travel content needs in one of the underneath freelancer portals.




In these portals you have to search for what you need and be specif, instead of searching for a content writer search for "travel content writer".

After you have searched you need to use the filter criteria to refine further, filter on your budget, the experience you need.

Use the filter criteria to find a freelancer within your budget : you probably also want someone who worked as a freelancer before so filter also on that.

In upwork your filter then will probably look something like in the underneath picture

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