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Passion Driven Digital Marketing

Create a profitable travel business with your passion and strengths.
We are specialized sustainable tourism marketing and branding for companies, governments and communities around the world.

VTP Digital Marketing gets you

More customers you love to work with.
Work with an easy to implement strategy
Use easy tools you understand
Work in a organisation you love
Transform your vision in a profitable travel company

Be Proud & Unique

Be Proud, Be Unique, Be Different, we unlock the unique strengths and skills of your team and company for and help to use them for sustainable growth.

Strengths fueled by passion

Purposeful marketing driven by the passion of team members. Creating a brand you love to work on and travel to.

Sustainable growth to success

We believe in building solid foundations, ready for sustainable growth, based on real customer values vs hypes.

Why Working with Value Through Passion


Deliver Impactful stories that move

We enable DMOs and SMEs to build brands that leverage local narratives, enhancing their storytelling capabilities. We are strong in the co creation of stories that promotes cultural authenticity, drives sustainable tourism and focus on community development.



Our digital marketing and content strategies, boosts online presence and win markets long term. We show your destination and experience to the right travelers.

Time tested.

Our principles survived and excelled on each new search engine, hype, new technologies, social media channel and AI. By creating real value for your customers at every stage of the customer journey.


Be Strategic & Consistent

Being strategic and consistent are the key conditions for success, however it seems difficult for many to apply this. We show and train your organization to co create strategies, plans and workflows that make online success accessible for every destination and SME.  Big or small.

Services VTP Digital Marketing

We help Tourism Organizations reaching their goals with a wide range of Digital Marketing Services. From strategy, skill building, to implementation in the form of personal coaching, group trainings or outsourcing.
Websites that sell

We help tourism companies designing and developing strategic websites that guide visitors to  set Goals.

Strategies that work

We co create simple strategies and marketing plans, that create sustainable strong brands that make market entry and business growth easy.  

Social Media Strategies

We co create social media strategies that inspire and create communities around your travel brand

Be Found online

We analyze, improve and extent your content to get more visitors from Google that already are searching for your destination and experiences and convert them into customers.


We give a wide range of digital marketing trainings for travel companies, hotels, destination management organizations, ministries or local governments.


We provide individual coaching and consultancy to travel companies who like to have frequent mentoring to become digital marketing experts

Boost Bookings

Boost your bookings through targeted advertising. Amplify your success, by boosting top performing pages, products and offers with online advertising.

We've been trusted by

VTP Digital Marketing works with  tourism businesses, associations and ministries in Europe, Africa and Asia. We developed an easy to understand practical digital marketing framework that helps SMEs as well as governments and associations to translate their strategies into targeted content that sells. We learn organizations to turn each piece of content with a simple framework into a small story that contributes to a bigger story world that drives actions. We have a quick eye for synergies and energize people to work on the same digital goals also in politically difficult environments like Nepal & Myanmar. We have helped businesses with little to none resources to benefit from digital marketing with easy to use, hands on cost effective or free digital solutions.

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