Blogging for a Tourism website and Guest Posts

Blogging is one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy. Your blogs are the part on your website where you can show your expertise as a tourism organization. It's a place where you can write in-depth about destinations, experiences or beautiful stories that are related with the work the organization is doing.

When your blogs give valuable information about the topic your visitors are interested in, you will get more visitors to your website. Because visitors will search in Google for these topics.

When you blog regular you will be able to create a lot of content around your niche. Google will understand clearly what kind of products and services you are selling and therefor send more visitors interested in these topics to your website.

You don't need to write all blogs yourself you can also hire guest writers.

As a travel company there are 2 ways to do work with guest blogging, invite a traveller blogger to blog about you on their or your blog.

Barter a free or reduced trip in exchange for photos/videos and an blog with links to your company.

Before you start working with travel bloggers, check the quality of the bloggers, are their blogs high in search engines ? How much exposure can you get, will their content boost your own rankings ? Is that worth the barter ? Or even paying money for it ?

When selecting a travel blogger

  1. Find blogger focused on your niche / target countries.
  2. The audience of your guest blogger matches yours .
  3. People comment / like the blogs and or are shared on social media platforms.
  4. The blog actively promotes itself online and on social media.

The other possibilities is that you write a blogs about your companies experiences or destination and you offer this content to online travel magazines in your target markets - this could work really well, especially if a blog is well written.

Offer your blog to travel magazines from your niche, but you can also search in google on : submit travel article / (or even more specific to be within your niche) to find options where you can submit your article.

Another option to distribute content is on, or other blog places here you can place your own blogs.

At last an interesting way to distribute articles is through you google business manager with the post function.  

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