Digital Marketing Plan

Value Through Passion helps you to translate your strategy into a easy to execute planning with clear aligned goals and metrics to measure if your are on track.

Together we decide which digital sales channels suite your strategy best and what tools to use to help you execute the plan.

Which messages will be communicated to which persona's and what kind of content do you need to produce when with the help of a content calendar.

And who is responsible to do what, is there enough time allocated to people to reach the set goals and do all the planned activities ? Enough money ? We help to make the goals smart (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound), but also help you to define role clarity for the people (in or outsourced) responsible of executing the plan.

To ensure a smooth execution of the digital marketing plan, Value Through Passion works with it's own tested model, Set, Act, Measure & Reset.

Especially the reset part of the framework is important, where you evaluate periodic how you are doing and what needs to be changed to stay on track.

We know that, generating ideas is easy, but execution really hard, by keeping things simple we prevent your plan will be shelved after only six months.

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