Get more reviews for your tourism organization

Superb reviews give that extra push to attract new customers to your tourism business. Reviews are the most important part of the proofing your customer that you are the best choice. Travelers check reviews of destinations, hotels, restaurants, activities etc.

And where you definitely still can get business if your reviews are not the best, because other factors like location and price also play it role, it's good business practice to try to get good and a lot of reviews, so you don't have to compete to much on price.

To give as many people as possible insight in your outstanding reviews, you want to spread your reviews over all the channels where you know most of your customer will check your reputation: as a tourism organization most probably : Google, TripAdvisor, OTA's that bring you revenue.

Its important to have a lot of reviews so that a negative review, doesn't harm your overall reputation to much.

To get reviews you need to ask your happy customers to tell them what they think about you.

For example by sending them an email in which you thank them for visiting you and that you like to know their opinion on how you did.

Place QR codes that customers can scan at the reception, visiting cards etc  

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