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We have over 25 years experience.
Who are we ?

Value Through Passion is a dedicated digital marketing agency for the travel industry. We serve hotels, serviced apartments, tour operators, travel agencies and destination marketing organisations. We have more then a decade experience in supporting travel related companies with their digital marketing.

Who do we serve ?

We worked for CBI in Nepal & Myanmar & Zambia where we supported various tour operators with their digital marketing and supported Nepal's Tourism Board, Myanmars Minsitry of Hotels & Tourism and Myanmars Tourism Marketing organisation.

Why choose VTP ?

Our strength is our simple strategic approach and our focus on creating value during the whole customer journey of your potential clients.

Over 20 years experience

We do digital marketing since 1998, we have helped dozens of companies in the travel industry to get more bookings.

Insight in What Works

No nonsense with reports that show metrics, that are not contributing to extra bookings.
But fair reports, that report on the returns for your company.


We price based on our value. That means we don't want to earn if you don't earn.
Because we work with smart AI tools and have a world wide network we can also offer services to SME's.