The Foundation of Travel Content Marketing

To acquire new customers you need content, for your website, brochures, social media's, e-mail marketing campaigns etc. But what kind of content  helps you get more customers ?

Great content, that inspires, helps, proofs & sells is the beating hart of your Digital Marketing and getting new customers. Great content; resonates, engages, and ultimately converts a reader or viewer into a buyer. In this blog, we delve into the foundation of travel content marketing, exploring its significance, the pivotal role of your website, and how to stand out with the concept of the "purple cow" in your content creation strategy.

The Importance of Content in Acquiring New Customers

In an era where consumers are bombarded with information from every angle, standing out is more challenging than ever. But getting your content viewed through all that noise is crucial if you want to grow. With diverse and unique content you can get noticed and guides potential customers to your brand. Be being persuasive, compelling, and above all, valuable to your target audience.

But why is content so vital for customer acquisition? Simply put, it educates, entertains, and informs your audience about your brand and offerings, establishing a relationship built on trust and shared values. This is a start for a relationship a customer feels comfortable of buying with your company, but also helping you share your content and experiences and might even come back for more.

Your Website: The Centerpiece of Your Content Strategy

Think of your marketing strategy as a spider web, and your website is at the center of this web. It's the primary channel for original content, where stories begin and customers convert into buyers. A website is so important because its the one digital space you have complete control over, free from the changing tides of social media platforms and external influences. This is your shop where people come for window shopping, sniff around, ask questions, want samples, try things and when satisfied buy.

Having a content-rich website ensures that your brand's voice is heard in its purest form. It's where you can share your stories, showcase your expertise, and present your offerings in the best light. More importantly, it's where you can convert visitors into loyal customers. By making your website the go-to source for information about your company, you drive more traffic to a channel that is uniquely yours, laying the foundation for a robust online presence.

Becoming the Purple Cow in Content Creation

In a world with so much content, adding just more content won't do anything. Seth Godin's created the concept of the "Purple Cow" which is about standing out, being remarkable, and offering something truly unique. In the context of travel content marketing, this means creating content that is so compelling and so distinct that it cannot be ignored.

But how do you become the "Purple Cow"? It starts with understanding your audience deeply — what inspires them, what challenges they face, and what dreams they harbor. You do this by creating a niche and define this in your digital marketing strategy where you set your target markets, define which personas are most easy to sell too, understand why people book with you (your Unique Selling Points) and have a clear idea of the positioning of your travel products and destinations. The narrower your niche and the better you understand why they like your experience, your destination, the higher the change you will resonate on their decision making level.

From there, it's about crafting content that speaks directly to these points, whether it's through breathtaking imagery, captivating stories, or invaluable tips and insights.

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