How to Create Unique Selling Points for your Travel Organisation

Unique Selling Points is a marketing term to describe the reasons why a customers should do business with your tourism company. Unique Selling Points (USPs) are important because they help you to quickly communicate to people who don't know your travel business why they should choose your business over your competitors.

What do you stand for as a business what is your purpose ? Why are you doing what you are doing ? That passion and energy is a good start for crafting your USP's

Creating Unique Selling Points is also crafting a space for your company in which your are the best, by creating a unique set of reasons why travellers should chose for you, - like in the image above ultra insider knowledge - you crafted your own niche, you stacked unique qualities that makes your company special.

Of course its important that this qualities are also important for your customers. If you created a niche targeted at well defined persona's with easy to understand unique selling points that make a difference for your persona's you made a solid basis for success.

How many USP's should i create ?

Most companies go for four unique selling points, because that is still easy to understand and communicate. If you have 3 reasons that is also good 2 would be difficult to give you a unique space against competitors and more then 4 is difficult to communicate and to remember.

Underneath example from SkySafari who uses many reason why to choose them, its difficult to quickly extract, a good example follows later in the article from Take Walks who uses 4 USP's on their website.

USP's Sky Safari

How to Create USP's ?

An good way to start crafting your USPs is by looking at what kind of tours your company offers that nobody else does and what kind of features of your experience are unique.

What are clients saying in reviews about these tours or about your company, is that unique for your company, do they say different things about you then your competitor ?

You can also look at the websites of competitors and try to figure out what their unique selling points are and then compare how you differ with those point. What do they offer ? Why do people do business with them, how does there pricing compares to you ? 

To craft your Unique Selling Points ask questions like:

Why should costumers choose your travel business or destination ?

Answers could be: because your are an expert in your field, you have a lot of experience, you have invested in facilities that provide excellent comfort etc.

What makes your company special?

Answers could be we are the only birdwatching specialist in town, we are a sustainable operating company, we focus on families only, but it could also be your passion for something,  etc

To learn more about Unique Selling Points for Sustainable Tour Operators check this video that was part of a Travel Life Training

When you start crafting further on your Unique Selling Points to make them even more sharpers and appealing. Talk with your customers what is important for them, why did they choose for you ? Is there something you can do to make their experience even better ?

Be wary to overpromise, you have to live up to your unique selling points, its important your tourism experiences meet your consumers’ needs and preverable exceed their expectations in order to recommend your company to others.

Unique Selling Points Example on Travel Website

Once you have crafted your unique selling points and translated them i a one or two sentence long statement, think if this statement is about you or the customer: for example excellent guides, is a feature of your company, but what does that mean for your customers ?

It might mean they learn a lot, are in safe hands or other things, always try to describe both parts of a unique selling point: the companies perspective and your customers perspective.

A good example of a tour operator who explain its unique selling points very well is Take Walks

Take Walks USP

Take Walk Presents 4 different unique selling points they believe are important for their clients : tours nobody else offers, access to places you just won't get by your own, personal attention because the group size is small and well trained guides.

And as an insurance they tell you: it doesn't matter which tour you book with us, you will always experience these 4 unique features.

Take Walks USP explanation

Take Walks gives both perspective : we offer unique experiences - you get better learning, touching and tasting.

Unique Selling Point of Airbnb that if you go in a group, they are much more affordable then a hotel in underneath video.

Happy Crafting !

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