Digital Marketing Strategy

Where in your overall strategy you set the direction of your company. In your digital marketing strategy you set what you will do digitally to achieve your sales goals.

You plot a plan to consistently share, your vision, values usp's, key products, and messages to your target audience.

Setting your channels right is important because you have so many of them to choose from and they only benefit from each other when you use them in the right way.

The main goal of your digital marketing strategy is to design an integrated digital marketing framework that shows your travel products to your ideal customers who will like your services and then guide them to a sale.

In short; create the right content and distribute this to the right persona on the right time.


What content will you create to inspire, help, proof and sell your audiences. Collect & create content that support the message of your Vision, Values, USP's and Key Messages.

Shows why the destinations and experiences you are selling should on the next holiday list of your persona's.

Show why you are trustworthy and your customers love you.


And how do distribute the content over the different available channels to assist your persona's from your target markets  from awareness, to planning, to booking.

  • Website
  • Being Visible in Search Engines
  • E-mail / Newsletters
  • Social Medias
  • OTA
  • Advertising

While plotting out your channel strategy it's good to realize that e-mail and a website are your own assets, everything you invest in these channels will be and stays your. While on social media's you are using the platforms of others to distribute a message. Preferable the result of that distribution should be travelers having your website as the main conversion channel.


State here what you will do for the website,

What will you do to make the website easier to use, to add the flow of Inspire, Help, Proof & Sell on each page

What content will be added, blogs that need to repurposed etc.


What kind of content, how often will you send

How do you get more subscribers

Social Media

Which channels fit your persona's

What will you do per channel, content calendars, hashtags etc


What will you do to create a community, source content, post, what type of post etc.


Distributing your trips and experiences through online travel agencies and portals like Trovatrip

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