How to get Tourism Website High in Google

    After having a website you want visitors. A common way to get more visitors is through Google. The more content you have that is found the more people will visit your website.

    To get your content ranked high in Google. You need to make sure that in the topic you discus or present you show value to reader, through your expertise. The more value you create through content on your website, but also on social media and in Youtube, the better you are found.

    Beside being valuable it helps to optimize the content so your readers can easily go through it. And understand what your article is about when they are searching in Google.

    Optimize your page data to let your reader understand what you are offering:

    • Optimize Titles
    • Optimize Meta Tag Descriptions

    When writing a meta tag description, you want to repeat the keywords from your title, but also inspire people to click to your tourism website.

    Optimize your page content so it becomes easy to scan.

    • Optimize Sub Headers
    • Optimize your media (pictures, pdf's videos etc)
    • Optimize Internal linking
    • Optimize Content

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