Online Advertising for Travel Companies

How do you make advertising for your travel organization more effective ?

The primary goal of an advertising campaign is to influence the buying behavior of an audience by promoting your products or services to potential or existing customers. You want to lead someone to action.

If you want to influence an audience, you have to put them at the center.

If you lack a strategy, your marketing isn’t an investment. It’s a gamble

But if you use your set strategy focus on the persona's with your top products and then experiment, optimise and repeat. Magic can occur.

Power of marketing is in repetition : this is a big element of building trust

First check is campaign in line with my strategy.

But you have to Learn from experimenting

Facebook = Push (Outbound) / Adwords search is pull (Inbound)

Facebook is ideal for advertising during dreamphases, google, pinterest and insta are also usefull for the other stages.

Facebook can also be used as reminders to assist people to a next phase with remarketing campaigns

Consider your journey ? Are people thinking about buying ? Or ready to buy ? Are you using campaigns that focus on the different parts of the journey ?

Use Moments : When is a destinations in the news ? In which city amplify. Local events ? Triggers ?

Only one add -> One message - Landing page needs to be in sync with that.

Have tight goals towards your campaign and kpi's to measure them (which are not only revenue)

Start with small test:

Go with what works

On same time do new tests to identify new things that work

Keep monitoring if what works still works.

You need to invest at least 500 usd to be able to learn (5 months 100) - Think about the lenght it takes from dreaming to buying or repeat - this sales cycle needs support the whole way.

Make sure to brand you company name with your message, you create a "recall" for your company. --> Don't only show your name at the end. And be clever, a brand name hangs longer if its connected with a story.

You can think cleverly about where your ad will be consumed, at home ? in the train, bus stop, gym etc)

The creator who can spend the most money to acquire a lead (and remain cash flow-positive), wins.

Size Matters ! - Bigger Ad's work better, brand within first 2 seconds, repeat !

New is that billboards also become digital and that OOH out-of-home media becomes available through digital solutions. DOOH

-> Check important keywords google news updates and plug.

Display Advertising and the environment

When you are a travel company, its rewarding to think where you advertise, the more targeted you advertise, the more effective your ads are but also better for the environment, because your ads are not displayed at places where they have no value.

Especially advertising on low quality websites that are purely made for advertising has a bigger impact on the environment then advertising on high quality websites according to a Scope3 and Ebiquity report about the impact of digital advertising on the environment

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