Set Your Tourism Marketing Messages & Stories

You have already set your goals, vision, mission, niche, persona's and branding in which you defined what your tourism company stands for and believes in, and the reason why people should choose your company over others with your unique selling points.

In this part we will define the main messaging and stories we are going to use to guide visitors into bookers with the digital assets you select.  

How to set your tourism marketing message ? 

When you set your niche and selected your target markets and persona's you have a full understanding of why your persona travels, wants to go to your destination and enjoy the experiences offered.

You understand why they love what you do and why (your vision and mission) and what you stand for (values).

In your messaging you want to connect your vision, mission, values and unique selling points in such a way, that it aligns with the reasons why your persona travels and enjoys the experiences you offer. You want to trigger an emotion with the traveler, preferable resonating with their passions to create a wow feeling that sparks serious interest.

You want to stay close to what resonates in your persona because then Neural coupling occurs, a technical term which means you are on the same "brain wave" as your reader. Simply said you bond with your audience. The travelers is confirmed, yes this is for me. On this level your message activates parts in the brain that allows the receiver to tune in and connect with you, and link that with their bigger story of their own previous experiences.  Your message then becomes part of their story and now you have a connection to deep dive into a shared story.

For example because the story is in line with the same values of the receiver, shares a problem the receiver is also facing , aligns with a goal the receiver wants to achieve or is about a topic the person has a passion for.  

The idea of branding is to create a tribe/community "same world" feeling with your customers, (we stand for the same thing, i like you, sustainable, quality, helping local people ..)

To move people in to action, you need to present your message in a story that fuels emotions and sparks inspiration that leads to action.

You want to be part of their story.  And you can only be part of it if your whole team is tuned to be part their story through your mission, vision, and values,

Why Persona's people want to see real, authentic, they need to recognize themselves. So that is not a beautiful model, but people like you and me.  But in a beautiful setting that pushes me to get there, but is possible in my imagination. Without being unhappy or frustrated.

You have to inspire people to take action.

An important aspect of marketing is consistency, that is why a plan with pre defined messages is so important. To be successful it's important that your messages are seen (interesting enough to view) and are consistant with your plan.

Your messages needs to be "perfect" because people are bombarded everyday and have created well working filters to block most advertisements out.

How do you have engaging stories that suck people into listening ?

Good stories have a mixture of facts, myth, and feelings and create trust and a emotional connection with your company.

Marketing is all about the customer’s experience with the brand, and how that experience affects long-term loyalty

Story Wars Video : Hero Journey

After inspiring and getting attention you want to help the traveler and connect them to your offers, what can they do, when, and how.”

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