TikTok is mostly used by the younger Z generation, but more and more older people are joining. In the USA in 2023 almost 100 million people are on TikTok, spending about 90 minutes on average on the app !!

TikTok is just as Instagram a great platform to encourage people to travel to a certain destination.

TikTok works well for a travel brand to collaborate with influencers and to curate the best post that are interesting for you selected persona, niche. top products and destinations.

Users get inspired through TikTok by shared travel experiences and travel tips from other TikTok users.

A good TikTok post is a combination of selecting or editing an inspiring or helpful video in combination with the right music. You need to immediately attract the attention of your audiences and keep them focused with fast cuts. Though you can upload up to 3 minutes of video, its better to keep it shorter if you don't have content that can grab your audience attention till the end, since watching a whole video and then move the next video is what TikTok wants and gets your video to a bigger audience.

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