Branding your travel organisation or destination

A brand helps prepare customers for what to expect. It connects your team and customers with your vision and purpose. The goal of brand marketing is to boost people’s perception of your company or product. When people interact with your company, they will develop a view of your company with attached feelings, based on the experiences they had with your product and services.

Before they arrive, they are probably excited. If your tour was fantastic, through all the beautiful spots you offer, they might feel amazed. After an excellent community-based tourism visit, they might feel full of joy. If something happened or a connection got delayed, they will feel frustrated. And if your experience is crappy, they will be pissed. All these feelings are part of your brand image, and when your clients are sharing these feelings online, they become a big part of how people perceive your company.

Once you have crafted your brand image, you can work on making it more clear so that your target audience has a better idea of what your brand stands for. Why are you doing what you are doing? A brand is a statement; it helps to define for whom this company is and is not. Preferable, engaging, and something your clients/fans can passionately agree with (or not/hate it). Above all, it should be believable. Your communication needs to be consistently in line with that, amplifying the feelings you want to be connected with your organization, combined with your own intention, purpose, and passion.

Your consumers have their own sets of values and perspectives. If you are able to communicate your brand in such a way that it syncs with the values of your target audience, you are building a strong and loyal client base. You can only create a clear and consistent brand if you set your strategy. Vision, values, and unique selling points are the main drivers behind your brand.

Visitors will co-shape your brand based on expectations and preferences. Branding a destination means you want your brand to be a confirmation of the demand generators like national parks, Unesco heritage, beaches, or big theme parks, in combination with emotions. But you also want your community to connect with it, whether as a label to be proud to produce services under or to live in. If not, your destination creates a brand that is detached from the people living in the destination, creating a kind of theme park or museum, not a place to visit people, admire, and learn from.

Communicate your brand with the right travel content and stories. Good stories evoke emotions and emotions set people into actions.

A logo is used as a quick identifier to recognize a brand name or company. Its should be simple but breath the brand through its form, the use of colors and its composition.  

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